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AYXU Transparent Waterproof Adhesive Strong Glue Paint Transparent with Brush

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AYXU Waterproof Sealant Glue, Invisible Paste Mighty Repair Broken Surfaces Transparent Paste 🖌

Specification: 📢❗
Net content: 300g
Color: transparent
Package included:
1 x sealant paste
1 x paint brush
Powerful sealant, which can effectively seal most surfaces with any material immediately.
Innovative sealant super glue is an advanced sealant, which can effectively seal and repair damaged surfaces. It is a paintable water-based sealant that can be used to waterproof a variety of surfaces.
It provides good toughness, but has a flexible protective layer on the applied surface. It is leak proof and can be used on wet surfaces with high bond strength. It is transparent and has a non yellowing substance.
It has a strong adhesive effect, which can be easily and quickly bonded to most surfaces to be experienced. It is especially useful when protection is needed. It can be applied immediately and provide the required protection.
It is suitable for sealing joints, gaps and leaks and can be used for all building materials. It can be applied to both painted and unpainted surfaces.

Specification classification: 📢❗
500g waterproof adhesive [upgraded version] usage method:
1. Clean and dry the surface first
2. Use a brush to evenly apply it horizontally
3. Wait 12 hours for the second time of longitudinal painting
4. When the waterproof glue is dry, it can contact with water Precautions:
1. Avoid contact with children and contact with eyes. Rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
2. Store without direct sunlight and high temperature.
3. The waterproof glue must not be exposed to water before it is dry, otherwise it will turn white and fall off.
4. A thin layer should be applied each time, and it can be continued after drying. It should not be too thick, otherwise it is difficult to dry. Dosage reference:
300g-Available in 1.8 square meter range
1kg -Available in 6 square meter range