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Kaisa Villa Direct Supplier Dual Electric Blower Hair Dryer Foldable

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Product Description:

Product name: JD-8125 JD-8126
Type: Strong Wind Hair Care
Brand:Kaisa Villa
Function: Thermostatic blue light
Voltage / Frequency: 220V~50Hz
Power: 1200W
Switching gear: 3 speeds + cool air button
Product size: 13cm*26cm
Power cord length: thicker and longer cord
Color: White Green

✔️Correctly blow-drying your hair

1.After washing your hair, wipe off any excess water with a dry towel, then divide your hair and fix the outer part with a clip on top of your head. This is because it allows for better blow drying of the hair.

2.Divide the hair on the top of the head into two parts and blow dry, using both hands to insert the hair and comb through it, using a hair dryer.

3.Divide the bottom part of the hair into two sides, insert 5 fingers into the hair and comb from head to tail with your fingers while drying with a hair dryer.

4.Divide the hair on the side into two sections with the ears as the boundary, slowly comb from the roots to the ends with a curling comb and place the hairdryer to the side to deliver the air. Treat the hair behind the ears in the same way.


1.The hairdryer should only be used in the home and not for other industrial purposes.

2.Ensure that your hands are dry when using the hairdryer and do not immerse it in water.

3.Ensure that the product is kept away from water. Never use the hairdryer in the bathroom or near other water containers.

4.The hairdryer is automatically switched off when the overheating protection is activated and can be used again after a few minutes of cooling down.

5.Do not block the air inlet or outlet of the hairdryer and keep the air inlet screen clean and free from hair.

6.After each use, disconnect from the power supply immediately and store in a well-ventilated, dry place away from sunlight after it has cooled down.